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07 April 2014

easyJet chose Equiniti and its sophisticated technology to manage its employee share plans

One of the most dynamic and recognisable FTSE 100 companies, easyJet is hailed for being fast-paced, lean and innovative. So when it came to streamlining the management of its employee share plans, having an organisation on board that could tailor its offering to suit easyJet’s needs was very important. “We work in a streamlined way and we wanted to take the same approach to our employee share plans,” explains Ken Lawrie, Head of Reward at easyJet. 

Prior to Equiniti winning a bid to manage easyJet’s employee share plans, two different providers had responsibility for this area. “We’ve always had a good relationship with Equiniti, and as we’ve grown as a company, it has made every effort to get to know us better, and adapt to our needs as they have evolved,” explains Bruce James, Group Company Secretary at easyJet.

Earlier this year, easyJet was looking for better efficiencies, and one way of achieving this lay in combining its share registration with its employee share plans. “As well as streamlining our processes, we were keen to make things more straightforward for our employees, of which 91% are shareholders. So we held a competitive tender and selected Equiniti to manage both areas. We were really impressed by their ability to offer a broader service for all of our shareholders, including our employees, and an overall improved level of service made Equiniti stand out.”

It is so much easier to use, which has had a really positive impact on employee engagement

“The technology that Equiniti has is really impressive and is providing a much better experience for all of our employees who have share plans. It is so much easier to use, which has had a really positive impact on employee engagement,” says Bruce.

Since easyJet’s relationship with Equiniti has developed, not only has the feedback from staff been positive around the improved functionality of the technological offering, but easyJet’s staff have also been impressed with the level of service they have received. “In the instances that our people have had to speak to Equiniti directly, they have found the staff to be helpful and the process overall to be speedier,” explains Ken.

As well as staff praising the improved service, Bruce and Ken have also been impressed with Equiniti’s offering: “Equiniti has a real can-do attitude, which we admire at easyJet,” says Bruce.

“The level of knowledge and expertise is clear and Equiniti is very good at passing on any learnings gained from working with other companies,” Ken says. “The migration process also went well given the volume of data we had amassed. We had a dedicated project manager to see us through this period, who had experienced this scenario before and was able to guide us through it. If anyone finds themselves in our position, I would strongly recommend getting a project manager on board. Having this dedicated person with us all the way through the process was a real help.”