Compendia Remote Learning, when you need it, where you need it
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Compendia Remote Learning, when you need it, where you need it

17 September 2015

Time and money are precious. That’s why Equiniti Pension Solutions has launched Compendia Remote Learning

We appreciate that time away from the office isn’t always possible due to increasing travel costs and time allowances. Compendia Remote Learning affords our clients the flexibility of one-to-one training via Webex. 

To date, Compendia training has been delivered in one-day modules held onsite at one of our offices. We have now developed 20 short, modular courses, covering the full range of Compendia functionality. These courses offer a great opportunity for our clients to encourage their staff to increase their understanding and confidence in the Compendia software. This will enable clients to maximise the return on their investment in the platform, while also increasing efficiency and productivity. 

Courses are run in bite-sized sessions via audio and web conference, providing trainees with full interactivity with the course leader throughout each session. As with classroom-based training, trainees can ask questions, share comments and ensure they have fully understood each element before the course closes.

Clients can choose to adopt the training courses as modular sessions or as the full course of 20 sessions according to their individual needs. Where modular sessions have initially been purchased, it’s easy to upgrade to a full course should training needs change (e.g. where new staff join). 

With the hassle of making travel arrangements eliminated, our clients and their staff can fit training courses around their own schedules and to suit their own needs. Course calls are all entirely free, further helping to manage costs.

Bryan Clarke, Software Director, PSD says the following about the Compendia training:

I’m really excited about this initiative as it demonstrates how Equiniti is using the latest technology to enhance the services we offer to support our clients. We’ve been able to make learning about Compendia functionality more flexible and easier to access, creating even more value for our clients.

To book any remote learning sessions or any standard classroom training courses - use the booking form online on the Client Portal or speak to your account manager.

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