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Customer service and continuous improvement are critical

21 May 2014

With a host of accolades to its name, we find out why Equiniti is number one for service in the industry.

Equiniti is the UK's No. 1 Share Registrar based on Overall Satisfaction results in the Capital Analytics UK Registrars Benchmarking Survey 2013. This wasn't down to chance or even luck but it was down to providing customers with an exceptional level of service, and placing customers at the heart of the Equiniti operation. “Both our clients and the marketplace recognise the strength of our service delivery, and equally, we are proud of what we do and that comes through in the level of service that we provide,” says Stuart Ellen, Managing Director of Equiniti Registration Services.

The Capital Analytics Survey result is just one accolade that Equiniti has picked up in the past year. “We’ve received a number of awards that acknowledge our service levels, such as the Best Shareholder Services Award and Best Registrar Award, to name but two,” says Stuart. “This shows that the industry as a whole recognises the good work we are doing.”

The key to maintaining such high levels of service lies in Equiniti’s attitude to continuous improvement. “We refuse to be complacent,” Stuart says. “There are always ways to improve what we do and what we deliver to our clients and their shareholders. We constantly look for ways to innovate and make things better.”

The reputation for Equiniti’s excellent service levels is clearly spreading, as recently it has banked a number of wins from competitors, which Mark Bullen, Director, Share Registration Services, puts down to Equiniti’s overall service offering. “It is a significant undertaking to move registrar and a decision that an organisation isn’t going to take lightly. Our recent wins are down to our track record in the marketplace.”

“The added value that customers get with Equiniti is what makes clients come to us,” Stuart says. “We have the expertise and experience to cater to our clients’ needs. Fast growth companies or companies looking to enter the FTSE100 certainly don't necessarily get the breadth of relationship and industry support from our competitors that they feel they get from us.”

Continuous improvement plays a huge part in Equiniti’s client offering. This is reflected in the lack of complaints that Equiniti receives each year. “The number of complaints we get per transaction is miniscule and this is down to our commitment to customer experience,” says Fiona De Antonis, Head of Operational Excellence at Equiniti. “We are constantly looking to enhance our service offering. One of the ways we do this is through staff development. Last year we invested around 21,000 hours in training, which helps our staff to provide the best possible service.”

Expertise and excellence are two things that Equiniti is renowned for, but Mark also attributes some of our success to enthusiasm. “It’s not always just what you do but how you do it that plays a big part,” Mark says. “We’ve had some exceptional feedback from both current and prospective clients about how enthusiastic our people are. There’s always a real passion that underpins everything that we do and that definitely has a direct impact on quality output.”

“It’s clear in my mind that to be the number one registrar as voted by clients is down to us adding more value to clients and their experiences,” says Stuart. “That is a key factor in how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We work hard to identify client strategies and work with them in implementation. Equiniti will always do the best for its clients and will always be looking to push things forward.”

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Ezine edition: May 2014

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