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Data Transformation Pathway

06 January 2020

We work with you to make your customer data united, more accurate, more dense, and high volume. We do this to ensure you maximise the value of each and every customer.

1. Consolidate

Break down silos and bring your customer records together in one place

For: Data operations, Infrastructure professionals

Perfect when: your business is keeping and storing customer data in lots of places

We will:

  • Trace where all your records live
  • Gain access and consolidate in one place

2. Accurate – Validation & Cleansing

Improve the hygiene and quality of your customer records

For: Data-Operations, Compliance officers

Perfect when: you need to check each record for accuracy (under GDPR 5(d)) and ’suppress’ any which may not be marketable

We will:

  • Remove duplicates
  • Normalise & reconcile multiple versions
  • Removal of suppressions (mortality & channel)
  • Validate against 3rd party bureaus (Experian, Equifax, LexisNexis)

3. Density – Enrichment & Append

Fill in the gaps in your data and add more insights to the customers you have

For: Data-driven marketing professionals, and CRM managers

Perfect when: you need to fill-in missing pieces in your customer data, and ensure that every customer record is complete as far as possible

We will:

  • Infill missing data to existing records
  • Add new data from 3rd Party sources

4. Scale – Increasing volume

More prospects based upon your existing high-value customers

For: Data-driven marketing professionals

Perfect when: you want to acquire more customers who look like your current list of best-value customers

We will:

  • Add new ‘lookalike’ records to existing database
  • Add new records unique to your sector, for competitive advantage

5. Intelligence – Profiling & Modelling

Personalise and tailor experiences and targeting using data

For: Data-driven marketing professionals

Perfect when: you need to differentiate between your customers and personalise communications using data evidence

We will:

  • Run statistical analysis & profiling
  • Modelling & segmentation of customers
  • Opportunity analysis

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