Delivering debt reduction

12 February 2014

Equiniti Data Services delivers significant debt savings for Northern Ireland’s Land & Property Services.


Land & Property Services (LPS) is the agency responsible for mapping, land registration, rating and valuation in Northern Ireland. LPS selected Equiniti Data Services to identify and segment 90,264 property records to validate and verify occupancy status.


By carrying out multi-tier segmented cleanses, Equiniti Data Services was able to identify:

  • Current occupier data
  • Entry and exit dates to and from each property
  • Commercial intelligence appended to account
  • Telephone numbers at current residency
  • Principal company registration data

84.5% of end-dated accounts with outstanding debt were verified and traced. By undertaking this exercise, LPS was in a better position to meet its debt reduction targets as well as being able to identify and write off uncollectable debt, backed up by quality data.

>£1bn was collected by LPS in rates in 2011 – an increase of 5% on the previous year


“We engaged with Equiniti Data Services by competitive tender to help us trace a large number of records on our database for which we had incomplete or missing information,” says Anne Johnston, Revenue & Benefits IT Programme Manager of LPS.

“By working closely with us, Equiniti Data Services was able to verify and trace a very high percentage of domestic and commercial rate debtors in addition to identifying occupancy records and details for a high number of properties previously declared as vacant or where we had no liable person.”

Anne explained that this enabled LPS to generate new rate demands to 27,479 properties and follow up a further 11,006 end-dated rate demands. “Equiniti Data Services’ work has been significant in helping us meet our debt reduction target for 2010/11. We were also able to identify for write-off an amount of uncollectable debt and were provided with information to enable us to review our internal processes and improve our decision making.”

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