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EQ Credit Services Tall Components 900X330

EQ Credit Services Develops Accessibility Solution For Visually Impaired Customers

01 December 2021

Developed for a leading telecommunications company, EQ Credit Services joined forces with Tall Components, to create new functionality which enhances the reading aloud function as part of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

At present, people with a visual impairment need to have screen reading software for all standard written communication. Alternatively, telecommunication companies can provide the same communication in different formats, such as braille, for those visually impaired or registered blind.

One Document With Enhanced Functionality

The telecommunication provider can deliver a single document to all customers by embedding the new functionality into all PDF communication. This enables visually impaired customers to utilise Adobe’s Read Aloud functionality, which is a free piece of software.

It also saves the telecommunication company time and money as they are not producing multiple versions of every document. Other formats are still available for those customers who prefer them, but this new solution will help visually impaired customers and make the communication process more straightforward for the company.

According to the NHS, there are approximately 2 million people living in the UK with sight loss, and around 360 thousand of them are registered as blind. The EECC is the European Electronic Communications Code, an EU directive that regulates electronic communication. It is designed to ensure a high standard of service from companies that deliver mobile and landline phones, as well as broadband services, to consumers.

Inclusive And Accessible For All Customers

This new screen reader functionality demonstrates that EQ Credit Services and the telecommunication provider are committed to delivering electronic communication that is fully accessible for all customers.

“Working with Tall Components to deliver this solution turned out to be straightforward,” said Jas Flora, Principal Consultant, EQ Credit Services.

“This is down to our long-standing working relationship with their team and the maturity of their software development kit. Their expertise and assistance on this service was invaluable.”

Find out more about how EQ Credit Services can improve your customer accessibility.


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