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11 February 2015

Equiniti’s Intelligent Solutions brings together the business's best technology, people and data services

What we are really good at is understanding the challenges our clients face, what the pinch points are and what issues need to be resolved within their businesses,” says Matt Porter, Managing Director of Intelligent Solutions. “We use a combination of people, processes, technology and data to do this and we can deploy one or more of those quadrants for our clients. I think the sum of our parts is much greater than the individual units.”

The Intelligent Solutions division recently brought together six businesses from across Equiniti, and the businesses, comprising Hazell Carr, Pancredit, Equiniti Business Technology Services, Invigia, Equiniti 360° Clinical and Equiniti Data Services, are now stronger than before. “It became clear that there was a strong synergy between each business unit and we were able to roll them together and create one intelligent solutions proposition,” explains Matt, who joined the division as Managing Director last year. “The division offers a unique blend of scalable products, bespoke platforms, experienced people and innovative intellectual property.”

We are aiming to become disruptive in the technology-driven services space across the UK and Ireland.

Matt’s vision will see Intelligent Solutions transform into the specialist, technology-enabled, data-driven arm of Equiniti. By 2016, the focus will move from individual brands to integrated, capability-based divisions, which will encompass remediation, HR outsourcing, data services, specialist public sector and complaints.

“We will nurture and grow each business as best as we can and not forget what made those businesses great in the first place as we move forward,” says Matt. “There is currently a great sense of momentum and positivity within Equiniti and we are aiming to become disruptive in the technology-driven services space across the UK and Ireland.”

People buy from skilled people

George Xenoudakis -

Innovative technology is only one part of what Intelligent Solutions offers; highly skilled people are also at the heart of our business.

Established in 1997, Hazell Carr provides resourcing and outsourcing expertise for financial services and regulated industries. It also complements other businesses within the division, including Invigia, which provides clients with complaint, case and feedback management software.

 “We are the UK’s leading provider of resources across regulated complaint handling, customer service, case handling, pensions administration and project management within the regulatory environment. We have access to a network of more than 3,000 skilled specialist contractors,” explains George Xenoudakis, Account Director. “When our clients – a bank, insurance company or lender, for example – cannot find the necessary resource, they come to us. At the same time, when there are pockets of pressure such as regulated complaint handling, our clients only have a finite number of employees and we can provide external assistance rapidly.”

Highly skilled people are also at the heart of our business... It is important to invest in the contractors of the future

Over the past two years, Hazell Carr has developed three tiers of capability: Advanced, Associate and Academy contractors. Advanced provides highly sought-after senior people including actuaries, operations and compliance directors; the Associate level encompasses our qualified and non-qualified case handlers who have worked in the industry for many years; and finally we select bright graduates for our Academy to fulfil process-driven roles.

“Our graduates are assessed and trained by us, and this type of resource has proven extremely successful, particularly for PPI complaints over the last couple of years, as sometimes the resourcing requirement is less technical,” says George. “It is important to invest in the contractors of the future.”

Technology for intelligent decision-making

Graham Donald - 

One company sitting underneath the Equiniti umbrella is Pancredit, a software house for the lending community with a strong heritage across a variety of sectors.

“We provide a full end-to-end solution from origination to collection. Software companies usually only provide one of those products but not the whole range,” explains Graham Donald, Managing Director. “Whether customers are applying for loans on a website, through a call centre or in a branch, our software captures the full application details and then applies the lender’s credit rules to the application through a decision engine. The set of criteria can be very basic such as minimum and maximum age through to more sophisticated streams, where we can interface with credit, anti-fraud and anti-money laundering checks to find out more about the customer’s profile.”

Stricter requirements surrounding consumer credit recently came into force when the FCA took over the regulation of consumer credit from the Office of Fair Trading, and Pancredit’s solutions help lenders observe the new rules. Despite the recession, the consumer credit market is currently very buoyant, especially within motor finance and personal loan finance where there have been substantial increases in volume.

“The FCA is keen that lenders be more open, transparent and cooperative. Every single person who has a consumer credit licence has to apply for FCA permission,” explains Graham. “With the FCA enforcing stricter rules, the change will be very good for the industry and give reassurance to the general public that there is an organisation ensuring that lenders are being compliant. It is also operating on a principles basis so lenders are very focused on treating customers fairly.”

As well as freeing up internal resources, cutting costs and being incredibly efficient, Pancredit’s systems also encourage responsible lending and help foster trust between customers and lenders.

“By using a more intelligent approach, it allows lending to be quicker. Imagine you want to buy a car. While you are out on your test drive, Pancredit can identify whether to accept you for credit, create the credit agreement for electronic signature, pay the dealer the funds and let you drive away within the hour,” says Graham. “Part of what we do through our solution is help people make intelligent and informed decisions.

“Lenders are now very strict in making sure that customers can pay back what they borrow so our software checks affordability and only matches customers to loan products that are suited to their financial circumstances,” continues Graham. “The customer also has more trust in the lender as they know they are being treated in a fair manner.”

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