Global reach, no matter where you are

21 May 2014

ESP portal developments extend the service to international employees.

Meeting clients’ needs is the backbone of Equiniti’s business. When clients asked for a comprehensive online solution that would allow employees to view their holdings, access information and carry out transactions from a single platform, Equiniti responded with the ESP Portal.

As clients’ requirements continue to evolve, so does the ESP Portal, and this month an international version will launch. With a phased roll-out starting in May, Equiniti clients with international employees can benefit from the same experience those in the UK currently enjoy.

“The international SAYE service developed for ESP Portal allows clients to offer the same service to their overseas employees as they do to those based in the UK,” says Phil Ainsley, Managing Director, Employee Services. “Continuous improvement is fundamental to how we run our business at Equiniti and the ongoing evolution of ESP Portal is no different. We’re always trying to improve our online services, so this is a natural extension of Portal development and it continues to make our customer proposition better.”

Sarah Moore, Project Manager at Equiniti explains that adding international enquiry and transactional pages brings together a variety of existing online services within one ESP Portal environment.  “Client feedback tells us that they have wanted the service available for international employees so that all employees have access to a one-stop view of all their equity holdings throughout the year, regardless of their location.”

The service allows international employees to transact online as well as to have access to real-time balance enquiries for their international SAYE plans (whether option or share based plans or phantom plans). As per the UK service, they will also have a link to any other discretionary plans or ordinary share holdings they have.

Development will mean that logging into ESP Portal becomes highly intuitive – it detects what country you are logging in from and employees will find international pages in a language nominated by the client for that location.

“If you are based in Spain, the system will pick up from login criteria that you are logging in from Spain and that you would like to view the ESP portal pages in Spanish,” says Sarah. “However if you happen to be an ex-pat working in Spain you have the ability to change it back to English or another language. It is a very flexible and user-friendly system.”

Equiniti have been working in partnership with APT Transtelex Limited (APT) to translate the new pages.  With over 40,000 words for each language to translate, the relationship and processes set up with APT have been key to the success of the project. To ensure that translations are accurate, two native speaking linguists are used on each piece.  One to translate and then a second one to proof read and edit. As with the ESP Portal, international plan pages can be branded to complement an organisation’s existing brand structure. “We can make international pages fit a company’s existing brand,” says Sarah. “Not only can we incorporate colours, logos and anything else the client wants to brand it as they see fit, they can also choose which languages their site is translated into.

“It’s a great product and we are really excited that the first phase of development will launch this month, with the roll-out continuing through the year. It’s something our clients have asked for and being able to meet their needs is incredibly exciting.”