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High Stakes Gambling Reform For The Digital Age Equiniti

Government White Paper Released - High Stakes: Gambling Reform For The Digital Age

Friday, 28 April 2023

With the long-awaited government white paper on gambling reform finally released, we can now see the full extent of the government’s proposals to make regulation of the sector "fit for the digital age".

Many of the wide-ranging changes that were anticipated in the report, High Stakes: gambling reform for the digital age, have been recommended as the government looks to protect those most vulnerable to gambling harm and prevent others from getting into difficulties. 

EQ will be releasing a more in-depth review of the white paper soon, so keep a look out for that publication. EQ has a range of systems and services to help betting and gaming firms improve the way they can identify and manage current and future customer vulnerabilities. We help some of the most highly regulated businesses in the world with their most complex customer challenges, increasing visibility, accountability, and efficiency in customer management across their operations.

One of the EQ offerings available is our award-winning complaints and feedback management system which assists firms with the identification of process/service failures, customer vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and allows businesses to realise the following benefits:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved reputation of organisation
  • Efficiencies around complaint handling
  • Better customer outcomes from automated identification of customer complaints and QA
  • A reduced redress burden and minimisation of imposed regulator fines
  • Continual learning, that can be used to improve business operations
  • Identification and understanding of customer vulnerabilities to improve services

As specialists in complex complaints handling and remediation projects, EQ brings together cutting-edge automation technology and specialist resource to provide market-leading, blended solutions. This proven approach has led to successful automation of up to 80% of the case load and a resource reduction of up to 75% for some clients.

With some of the wide-ranging changes identified by the white paper, now might be the best time to assess how your firm can use complaint data to address the social responsibility challenges both the government and gambling commission are looking to address.