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Hiring Like A Hero: What To Consider When Screening Candidates

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Great productivity in business depends upon its workforce, which is why hiring the best possible employees is crucial for efficiency and collaboration.

This will not be a surprise to a HR manager, since the challenge for you however comes with screening and selecting the right candidate.

Evolving technologies in the workplace requires more advanced skills from staff, putting competition for talented individuals at an all-time high. Screening to find the most suitable candidate, and confirming their credentials, is key.

One position might also have one thousand applicants, each requiring various background checks, making it a lengthy and complex process for recruiters and candidates alike. Post-GDPR companies must also be stringent when handling candidate data and ensure that data is collected and stored transparently and securely.

Companies need to make the process as efficient as possible to save on time and costs whilst also maintaining clarity to deliver a positive candidate experience.

Here are some of the top considerations for businesses to make the hiring process an accurate, seamless, positive experience for the HR team and the candidate.

Robust screening

A robust screening process is the foremost step in hiring an employee and it can be a daunting one for HR personnel. Without thorough identity checks you cannot confirm the candidate is who they say they are. An unsuitable hire is not only a waste of resources, it causes internal disruption and poses a potential reputational and security risk to the company.

Indeed, recruitment fraud is costing UK businesses £23.9 billion each year according to a recent survey. Therefore, it is important to ask the right screening questions. All companies are obligated by law to conduct a Right to Work check and some will require a DBS check as well as industry-specific regulation requirements such in Healthcare, Financial Services and Construction.

Confirming the candidate’s qualifications, employment and reference information is essential to know you are selecting the best qualified person for the job.

HR departments must be equipped with a compliant and reliable solution which runs and consolidates the required background checks, for efficient and confident on-boarding.

Simplify the checking process

Globally, 84% of recruitment firms believe they need to embrace digital transformation to remain competitive according to research from CRM specialists Bullhorn. Increasingly, HR departments are looking to innovative digital tools which streamline the selection process and improve communication between HR staff. The best solutions will also provide analytic data so you can pinpoint areas for improvement in the on-boarding process.

Having a single solution which screens multiple applications at once and clearly displays candidate information will make the process quicker for all involved. It also means the various HR personnel have a centralised location to access and view candidate information. HR staff also need to trust that the screening tool is filtering the vital information so they can make accurate decisions.

Candidate experience

How is the candidate feeling throughout the hiring process? This is an important consideration for businesses. In the same Bullhorn study, a further 36% said the same survey found that engaging candidates and improving the candidate experience is a priority.

Making the data-entry process straightforward and secure will instill candidates with trust and a positive impression of your company. Applications should also be easily accessible for candidates so they can check the status on-the-go and communicate with the HR staff if required.

An intuitive and streamlined on-boarding process will enhance the hiring experience for HR staff and candidates alike. A fully compliant and easily accessible application process gives recruiters the confidence to hire whilst removing any complications for the potential employee.