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How To Get The Most From Your Upgrade

How To Get The Most From Your Upgrade

21 October 2021

We are constantly evolving and improving our risk management software, EQ Riskfactor. This article explains the new functionality and how it can help your business to reduce risk.

4.25 Release

1. Improve Efficiency With Workflow Enhancements

We’ve improved the Workflow functionality to make it easier for users to add and manage permissions and approvals.

  • Client reviews can now be assigned to one or more approvers, with a follow up sent to alert users that an approval is required.
  • During the approval process action points can be added by the sanctioner.
  • After the client review has been fully approved, action points are converted to follow ups and assigned to the creator of the client review.
  • A new ‘approve client reviews’ user permission has been added which gives you more control around this important process.

All of these improvements help you to run your business more efficiently and enable you to centralise the review process within EQ Riskfactor and include important audit trails.

2. Share Your Dashboard With More People

Enhancements have been made so that users can now share their Dashboard with anyone in their organisation.

4.24 Release

1. Save Time And Upload Third Party Documents

This new feature allows you to upload documents from third parties. The key benefit is that all of your documents are easily accessible within one centralised system. It means less paperwork and storing of ledgers, financials and other important documents in different drives.

Document links can be assigned to a follow up, focus list item, or just be uploaded to the entity. This helps ensure you have fast access to the most up to date, accurate information at all times.

2. Set Your Own Custom Data Measures And Monitor What Is Important To Your Business

With this new update you can customise data to meet your own risk management requirements, focussing on measures that are important to you at any point in time.

4.23 Release

1. Increased Security

In this new release we’ve added Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to keep you and your systems more secure.

  • Users are required to go through an extra layer of security when logging in to EQ Riskfactor.
  • A one-off code, which can only be generated by an app on the user’s mobile phone, is required alongside their password.
  • MFA is compatible with many different third-party authentication apps, such as Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator, making your data more secure.

2. Boost Team Productivity

We’ve introduced a series of measures to help your team work more efficiently.

  • You can now give ‘team mates’ permission to add and edit grids, charts and reports, improving overall team productivity.
  • Users can be granted permission to add and edit portfolios for any team that they are part of. This improves productivity and streamlines processes making your team more efficient.

There are a host of new benefits now available. Why not talk to your account management team and find out what these benefits mean for your business?

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