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29 January 2015

How establishing the right culture has resulted in success for Equiniti India’s Operations team

This culture runs right through the business, regardless of location, as Sharon Preece, Head of Offshore BPO Transitions at Equiniti, explains: “When you walk into the Equiniti India office, it feels exactly like any of our other sites. The culture is pure Equiniti,” says Sharon. 

The operations arm of Equiniti India was set up just under a year ago and it has produced some great benefits for the organisation and its customers. “For many years we worked with third parties. We had really strong relationships with them, but we felt the time was right to take ownership of the whole process. We knew it would benefit both the business and our customers as we would have complete control over the operation and be able to carry the Equiniti culture right through it,” Sharon says. 

To ensure the right people were in place to lead the operations team in India to success, Sharon and three of her colleagues re-located for a period of four months to set up the division. “It was an amazing experience heading out to India for that length of time and building a team from the ground up,” Sharon explains. “I was involved in recruiting the right people for the roles and helping them to adopt the Equiniti culture. We also did week-long inductions with new employees, so that they were clear on the Equiniti way of life and the level of service that we pass on to our customers.”

There are more than 100 people in the Equiniti India Operations team, working across four different areas: shareholder processing, bank account reconciliation, investment services and pensions annuities. Sharon and her team handled all of the recruitment, and so they were able to offer positions to only the most skilled candidates: “We held some really strong assessment centres, which helped us to get the right people for the roles,” Sharon says. “The big advantage of having gone through this process ourselves is that we have now developed a true working partnership with our colleagues in Equiniti India, which brings us all closer together. We are all part of one Equiniti and we are all working towards the same goal.”

 The benefits for clients lie in the skills that Equiniti India’s people have. “We are creating centres of excellence, which allows us to specialise in the work that we are doing,” Sharon explains. “By having a centre of excellence in India, our people can build upon their skills and we can then pass the benefit of their expertise onto our clients. This all helps us to deliver an even better service.

“Similarly, having Equiniti India focus on a certain area of our business operations, it gives our people in the UK the capacity to develop their skills and expertise,” says Sharon. “So this model has huge benefits for our business, our clients and our people.”

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 Ezine issue: January 2015  

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