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Life At Equiniti: Welcome Aboard

22 May 2017

Ed Pollicott recounts his first few weeks on Equiniti’s graduate programme.

Like many young people looking for a job, I would often find myself thinking, “that job sounds great but what would it really be like to work there?” If you find yourself wondering the same thing, here’s a blog post for you.

Ed 800.jpg Ed Pollicott

The first thing to say is that I would have started writing a blog earlier. However, having a job means I’ve got a lot on. This is an enormous positive and making me busy is something Equiniti has done really well since I joined.

Equiniti’s on-boarding process is a happy medium between a baptism of fire and a series of endless training sessions and initiation workshops. There’s always work to be done and contributions to be made but nobody expects you to be running the show.

What’s more, Group HR, who are responsible for the graduate scheme, take great care to ensure that each new graduate joiner has a comprehensive network of colleagues who are ready to help. In my case I have three points of contact, all available at any time to help me if I have an issue. My line manager is there to address any administrative hiccups I might have, meanwhile my team leader is my “boss”; delegating most of my workload to me and giving me feedback on the work I submit.


I also have a “buddy” assigned to me. Whilst the term “buddy” is a little cheesy, the approach is designed to reflect the slightly more informal working relationship you have with this person. My buddy is only a few years older than me and can relate to the challenges of starting a new job, often from personal experience. But in addition to these three individuals, you’ll never be short of colleagues willing to help at Equiniti.

“But what are you doing each day?” I hear you ask. As part of the graduate programme we will spend time on a few different teams. For my first rotation, I have joined the Strategic Solutions Team. This team sits across the business and creates business solutions that combine elements from more than one business area.

I have been conducting research into the UK retail banking industry and will present my findings in front of Equiniti’s banking and capital markets sales leads next month. On the live project front, I was asked to research UK bank complaints data and distil my findings into clear charts. Some of the data I collected was used as part of a pitch to a client.

A major advantage of time working in the Strategic Sales Team is the access I have had to multiple business areas within the Equiniti Group.

On another research project I have been working with EQ International Payments (EQIP) on an exciting proposition. I have been investigating Clinical Research Organisations (CROs) that conduct research on behalf of large pharmaceutical companies. As large organisations grow at speed, and with operations across the globe, the capacity to make international payments is crucial to CROs. I have been working with EQIP to identify key players in the market for Equiniti to partner with. Since the project began, EQIP have signed a deal with one of the world’s largest CROs.

Research projects aside, I have had the opportunity to visit numerous Equiniti sites across the UK in London, Crawley, Worthing and Birmingham. All part of my initiation. I have also been provided with a full suite of online compliance and training modules, for which I set aside a couple of hours each week to complete.

 If you are a recent graduate and would like to know more about opportunities at Equiniti, see our Work for Equiniti webpage and our EQ Futures webpage.