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Making Insider Management Even Smarter

24 June 2021

With the risks and responsibilities relating to Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) posing an ongoing challenge to Company Secretaries, we’ve been working on fresh enhancements to our platform for managing insiders.

EQ Insider allows you to create and manage your lists securely online, automating time-consuming processes and demonstrating compliance with Financial Conduct Authority rules.

We know that insider management is on many Company Secretaries’ minds, particularly with changes to the notification timetable for Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibility transactions taking effect from 29 June. As a result, we’re continuing to enhance EQ Insider, the insider management platform we’ve developed in close collaboration with our clients.

New features include the ability to import lists of project members from CSV files and create bespoke trade request forms, but we’re also working on further refinements to make the system even simpler and easier to use.

EQ Insider allows you to create and manage your lists securely online, automating time-consuming processes and demonstrating compliance with Financial Conduct Authority rules. It also manages an end to end permission to deal process, right from an initial colleague request, to the necessary approval and finally the required announcement to market for PDMR’s. Useful at any time, its benefits have been even more sharply drawn into focus with so many Company Secretaries juggling administrative risks and responsibilities while working from home during the pandemic crisis.

Launched in 2019, here are five upcoming enhancements:

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1. Easy list uploads

Rather than adding names individually, you can now import list members to EQ Insider from a CSV file, automatically creating the new accounts. This clearly makes it easier and quicker when it comes to setting the system up, migrating from another platform or updating large numbers of new members. EQ Insider also avoids duplication by recognising any names that are already on the platform.

2. Ask the questions you need to

We built EQ Insider’s trade request form to match the requirements of MAR. However, we also appreciate that companies have their own policies that dictate the information they need from colleagues. As a result, we’ve now introduced an option for our clients to add their own questions to the form.

Making Insider List Management Even Smarter 800X600 2

3. Simpler project set up

To improve the efficiency of the creation of confidential lists, our clients’ users can now initiate a request for a new project, which then flows through approvals by the secretariat team. This reduces the use of emails and other means to request new projects. Created in response to a request from our clients, this new feature is unique to EQ Insider – much like the tool that enables you to generate RNS documents automatically.

4. Evolving as you use it

We’ve been analysing the way that our clients use the platform, and the key settings they access on a regular basis. This is enabling us to make elements such as the formatting tools even easier to use.

5. Designed to satisfy

We’re also giving the EQ Insider a redesign to make it even simpler and more satisfying – both for users and for administrators.

By continually investing in the platform and analysing data to make informed decisions about what should be enhanced, we’re keen to help Company Secretaries and their colleagues by reducing risk and supporting compliance.

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