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Meeting Customer Expectations In The Digital Age

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

By Matthew Caesar-Gordon, Sales Operations, Equiniti KYC Solutions

In the current landscape of complex layers of financial regulation and an ever-changing regulatory environment, customer identification and verification has become an increasingly time-consuming effort, both at onboarding and throughout the customer journey

Three key challenges emerge from this environment that must be addressed to master AML regulatory compliance: delivering consistent compliance, driving operational efficiencies, and assuring a smooth customer experience.

1. Digitalisation is key for shorter onboarding times

Digitisation and automation are key in assuring better compliance with AML regulations. As well as reducing manual errors, a digitally optimized and automated framework also expedites and simplifies the customer onboarding process.

By harnessing a universal API, customers can achieve global reach into any data source, allowing for consistent compliance across jurisdictions and minimizing the need for customer outreach. As financial institutions adopt a holistic approach, working in this way ensures compliance with AML regulations and effectively assess risk in a manner that is not detrimental to a positive customer journey.

2. Automation 

Most businesses still manually process data for identification and verification. Processing data in this manner creates multiple problems such as resource drain, data quality problems, growing costs and delays in completing the verification process.

Utilizing a digitally automated process provides quicker, easier and cheaper results than their manual equivalents, streamlining the process and making it more consistent. API enabled digital tools can be connected to a multitude of other solutions, including company data providers, screening solutions and internal bank repositories. Connecting all these solutions means that all publicly available customer data can be automatically accessed with far greater speed than manually searching individual repositories.

3. Enhanced customer experience

By adopting a dual-fronted approach of digitalisation combined with our knowledge team, Equiniti KYC Solutions solves many of the critical challenges of KYC across all aspects of the KYC process, from customer onboarding and due diligence investigations through to large scale remediation projects. Our newly enhanced technology means we can offer this with greatly enhanced automated data discovery and analysis, whilst our managed service continues to differentiate us in the industry.