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22 January 2014

Nicola Pattimore, Head of HR

Our people are critical to what we do, and they are often the difference between our competitors and us




Head of HR, Nicola Pattimore, tells EQ why Equiniti’s people are at the heart of everything it does and how the HR team is recognising all their hard work

I often describe HR as a contact sport; as Head of HR, I’m always in contact with people, whether it’s supporting and leading the HR team, meeting managers or running workshops. I’m very proud of how the HR team has grown and flourished since I joined Equiniti two years ago. Working in HR is very rewarding because you can help the business be successful through its people.

A big part of my role involves working closely with People & Change Director Clancy Murphy to develop our people strategy, which outlines how our people are fundamental in achieving the overall business strategy. I then work with the business and the HR team to implement the strategy and shape and refine it as necessary.

One of the key themes of the people strategy is employee engagement. An engaged workforce, that understands what the business is trying to achieve and why, is more motivated. So, the business will achieve its goals more efficiently. To encourage employee engagement, we have focused on how to best recognise the work of our employees, and as a result, we re-launched a recognition scheme called the ICON Awards.

The ICON Awards were refreshed around Equiniti’s new set of values and behaviours, which the HR team rolled out as part of Equiniti’s rebrand, One Equiniti. The rebrand aimed to integrate different parts of the business and encourage employees from across the group to work together. A way of articulating the rebrand, the values – Trust, Excellence, People, Belief and Client Focus – bring our people together and help to drive the success of the business.

Employees are nominated by their colleagues for the ICON Awards and the nominations must clearly show how the values and behaviours have been demonstrated. Our people are critical to what we do, and they are often the difference between our competitors and us. I believe that having a motivated and happy workforce has a massive impact on our clients’ businesses. Our people want to do their best and strive to offer the best possible service. The ICON Awards are a great way to say thank you.

We recently won the Best Recognition Strategy at the Benefits Excellence Awards for our ICON Awards. It was a very proud moment for Equiniti, particularly because the Benefits Excellence Awards are the first in the world to focus entirely on voluntary employee benefits. Winning the award proves we are committed to our employees and value the work they do. We not only recognise our employees through the ICON Awards, we also invest in their training and support their charity work – we want Equiniti to be a great place to work and a great place for our customers to do business.

Three quick questions

Q: Tell us something surprising about yourself.
"I completed the GRIM last year: a 10-mile off-road run, through waist-high icy puddles and mud!"

Q:  What are your passions outside of work?
"Cooking with my girls (who are 10 and 8) is a real passion of mine. I love experimenting and coming up with new ideas. I’m also addicted to cookery books – my house is filled with them."

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
"Things don’t always have to go to plan to work out well. It’s important not to panic, and instead re-strategise and come up with an alternative approach when things aren’t going to plan."

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