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Putting The ‘I’ Into EQ

02 March 2020

Selftrade undergoes transformational relaunch to EQi

Our DIY investing platform Selftrade has re-branding under a new name. Equiniti’s exciting new retail brand is called EQi. The ‘i’ of the name is designed to connect the brand with individual investors, whose needs are different to our corporate customers. EQi also brings the investment brand closer to Equiniti, to help engage new audiences by leveraging our EQ Superbrand status.

The EQ Invest team have been developing the EQi brand since April 2019. The design concepts have been tested by external focus groups, as well as existing service users, to create a brand that appeals to both current and prospective customers. Rather than simply going out with a new look and feel, EQi has re-launched with a revamped customer-centric website and new offers. The team has launched a new product: a Lifetime ISA for investors aged 18 – 39, plus the platform boasts a new funds list from Square Mile, going from 10 to 60 recommended funds.

Thera Prins, Chief Operating Officer and CEO EQ Invest said:

The launch of EQi as our new retail brand with Selftrade first out the gate, marks our move to better serve our current customers as well as connecting the dots to Equiniti. In future we hope to better link corporate customers through to our retail arm as a part of our wider mission to make investing more accessible.