RetireMe is number 1 app
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RetireMe is number 1 app

19 October 2015

Equiniti’s retirement planning App is proving a success with media and individuals alike

Since the launch of Equiniti’s retirement app ‘RetireMe’, earlier this year, we have received a great response, with lots of interest and many downloads of the app.

We are excited that RetireMe has been listed #1 in a list of the 5 most useful apps for retirement planning. This was as rated by; a weblog about software that can help in life.

RetireMe can certainly help in planning retirement. Lifehacker describes the app as being “designed for people in their 40s, who are starting to get a bit more serious about their pension and saving for retirement. It helps people to understand that they possibly need to start making higher contributions, if they want a certain quality of life during their retirement.”

The key difference with this tool is that it forecasts the speed with which an individual is likely to spend (or drawdown) their pension pot.

As people now have an option of drawdown, no longer just having to buy into an annuity, people need all the help they can get in pension planning. This is essential to ensure they won’t run out of funds later on in life.

Many of UK adults still need to wake up to the true cost of saving for their pension as they are not saving enough. As it is mobile, and close to hand, the RetireMe app is one information tool that can simply visualise an individual’s funds and the length of time their pension pot could last.

For those of you who have downloaded and tried this app, if you have any feedback about the tool, please feel free to email your feedback to:

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