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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Equiniti’s focus on quality management highlighted by ISO 9001 accreditation

Across the business world, ISO 9001 accreditation demonstrates that organisations take quality management seriously. Recently, Equiniti’s Contact Centre underwent its second annual audit since subscribing to the ISO 9001 programme and was found to be a pillar of quality management standards.

“The report concluded that it was evident that quality was effectively embedded in the everyday workings of the organisation,” says Jenni Ward, Senior Manager, Operational Excellence. “The auditors were impressed that we were focusing on the customer experience by making sure that the agents were supported and therefore able to handle the calls effectively by first point of contact resolution.

“The fact that we routinely check procedures and carry out numerous quality checks was complimented upon. Everyone in the Contact Centre has clear objectives and knew what was expected of them in their role, which was also highlighted by the auditors,” Jenni explains.

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Having the ISO 9001 seal of approval is important to Equiniti for a number of reasons as Darren Charles, Head of Contact Centre explains: “ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised standard that a number of our clients also have. By Equiniti having successfully implemented the processes recommended by ISO 9001, it demonstrates that we put a high value on quality, which helps our clients to place greater trust in our abilities and the service we can provide them. It also supports us in attaining new business, as prospective clients can see from the outset that we have high quality standards.”

Equiniti will have another ISO 9001 audit next year and the team is confident that they will receive the same commendations: “The report highlighted that there were no major or minor non-conformances,” says Jenni. “If we maintain all of our operating features as they are now, I am encouraged that we will receive a similar audit next year.

“For me it’s about embedding ISO into your everyday work and that’s exactly what the Contact Centre and Operational Excellence team has done. This means that come re-accreditation time, we are already in a good place. It’s a really positive way to work and highlights the value Equiniti places on constantly achieving the highest possible standards.”

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Ezine edition: December 2014