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Lina Brown Equiniti

Self-Care = Customer Care

23 November 2020

Our vision is to create positive experiences for the millions of people who rely on us. To achieve this, we first need to create these positive experiences for our employees, says EQ Chief Commercial Officer, Lina Brown.

“The purpose of Equiniti is to care for every customer and simplify every transaction. These principles are remarkably powerful and universally applicable when we view our employees as customers. Caring for customers and simplifying their journey is essential for us at EQ. We aim to build this into every single interaction.”

Key change is underway across EQ, to make its products and services accessible to all. Within EQ the aim is to simplify interactions for colleagues and to work towards becoming a more inclusive organisation. In this short video Lina, Chief Commercial Officer, reflects on this parallel progress.

Find out more about our journey to a more purposeful organisation.

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