Share the wealth
Share the wealth

Share the wealth

26 January 2015

With society focusing more on taking better care of its finances, the wealth management industry is booming

The recent financial crisis forced a re-evaluation of society’s financial wellbeing. This has led to an increased awareness of spending and new legislation that helps people to consider their financial futures. One area of financial services that has benefitted from regulatory changes is wealth management.

“Recent changes in regulation have played a huge part in the wealth management boom,” explains Mark Taylor, Managing Director of Equiniti Investment Services. “The Retail Distribution Review (RDR) has encouraged individuals to take better control of their financial futures, and to help them to do this, it has provided them with more choice.”

Although RDR is a positive move for the consumer, in some cases it has increased costs for wealth management firms, who have had to consider outsourcing some of their middle and back office functions to cut costs.

“Equiniti Investment Services is able to offer platform capabilities to wealth managers that will help them to drastically reduce their costs,” says Mark. “We provide a wide range of products and services that extend beyond share dealing to include mutual funds and foreign exchange. This helps us to provide platforms to wealth managers so that they can manage their customers’ assets, whilst keeping their costs down.”

Technology plays a huge part in what Equiniti Investment Services offers: “Technology underpins our entire business,” Mark says. “When we acquired peterevans two years ago, we invested heavily in that business and the Xanite platform, which is primarily a custody, settlement and trading platform. This level of commitment to leading-edge technology has helped to set us apart from our competitors,” Mark says.

A recent adopter of Equiniti Investment Services’ offering is Money on Toast, a groundbreaking provider of online financial advice: “Money on Toast have worked with us very closely to ensure that we deliver a platform that fits their needs,” Mark says. “We are now undertaking their investment administration, which is largely down to our technology offering.”

Equiniti Investment Services has also made a number of acquisitions, including that of the direct-to-consumer business, Selftrade: “Our acquisition of the assets of Selftrade’s business allows us to take a much broader step into the direct consumer marketplace,” says Mark.

Equiniti Investment Services’ people also play their part in setting the business apart from the competition: “Our team is very well skilled and respected in the marketplace,” says Mark. “In an industry that has seen a lot of change recently, they have handled this admirably. We’re also market practitioners, with our own direct-to-consumer business, which puts us in a much stronger position to adapt and provide creative solutions to any challenges that arise within this space.”

For more information about Equiniti’s wealth management solutions please contact Huw Thompson on +44 (0) 7860 533 541 or email