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The Equiniti Podcast – Series 1, Episode 2: Customer Vulnerability In 2021

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Martin Kisby from EQ Credit Services and Nicki Osborne from M&G plc sat down to explore what customer vulnerability means today.

Key topics covered in this episode include:

  • How firms create a process for defining and identifying customer vulnerability
  • Recognising that there is no one size fits all approach and adapting accordingly
  • Reacting swiftly to vulnerability triggers to support customers and prevent further harm

Adaptability and proactivity are keywords being used by the FCA when it comes to supporting customer vulnerability, but how should businesses approach that process? Martin and Nicki discuss what needs to happen to make this possible.

Listen to the full podcast below:

This episode is part of the Without Boundaries Series, which focuses on ideas and practical solutions that regulated businesses can adopt to make positive change.