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04 March 2020

3 trends that will influence us all this year

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With so much change happening in the world in 2020, we asked Guy Wakeley, Equiniti’s Chief Executive Officer, to define his top three macro trends affecting EQ and society as a whole.

1. Living with Increased Uncertainty

We are living in an age of increased uncertainty. 2020 is no exception. The world is facing slowing international markets and tough trading conditions. The UK adjusts to post-Brexit business and the finance industry is finding its feet. The world is dealing with a climate crisis and a world health emergency. 

In these conditions, Equiniti’s customers need to feel their way, keep calm and make informed decisions. Not least about their personal finances. At Equiniti it is our responsibility to provide you with the best digital tools to help make those decisions. We have just relaunched our own DIY investing platform Selftrade, now EQi. As a customer-focussed site, our aim is to provide you with the best experience and provide you with all that you need to manage your portfolio of shares, as you feel fit.

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2. Collaboration

In this age we can work together regardless of being in the same room, same building, same country or same galaxy! The internet has opened the door to real-time collaboration. It is a digital catalyst to solving the most complicated challenges we have. For example, an actionable plan to reduce the impact on the environment will only become reality if we collaborate.

Collaboration of scientists work around the clock to quickly produce a viable vaccine for Covid-19. Open source data gives those in the digital realm the opportunity to make something good from freely available information. But how does that impact our customers?


The finance industry is highly regulated for good reason. It is our responsibility to protect your data and your assets. But our customers want the most intuitive products and customer experience.

In a retail environment we are all used to a high level of personalisation. Initiatives like Open Source Banking are allowing some great possibilities in the finance industry.

Balanced with careful and compliant business-as-usual operations, we are in an exciting phase of developing products and services that can most closely match the wants and needs of our customers. We are working to deeply understanding our customers’ journeys throughout their contact with Equiniti. And with our new Digital Centre in Krakow, we have the very best talent to create these products and services for you.

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3. Activism and ESG

We all want to save our planet for future generations. More than ever people are making life changes, where they can, that will have a positive influence on society and the world at large. These changes may be big or they may be small. Regardless of scale, all efforts add up.

For example, if we all used a reusable water bottle this year, think of the plastic waste we would prevent going to landfill; 7.7 billion plastic bottles in the UK alone. In the same way, individuals want to make incremental changes to the way they manage their money and wealth, for good.

In the finance industry, we are seeing major changes with the rise of environmental, social and governance-led (ESG) assets. Individuals who are passionate about the environment naturally want their investments to, at least, include shares in companies that major in ESG principles. At Equiniti, we are mindful of our customers’ wants and needs and our products and services will develop accordingly.

Within Equiniti, we feel strongly about these matters. In the last year, we have made great strides in our Corporate Responsibility initiatives. We now have 5000+ employees impassioned to deliver our products and services with greater purpose. This is just the start for us.

— Guy Wakeley, Chief Executive Officer, Equiniti