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Use Grids To Show Key COVID-19 Information

09 April 2020

This week our experts show you how to use grids  and we get some insights from Barclays on how they use Grids to analyse their portfolio.

Use Grids to clearly show the core information you need

EQ Riskfactor provides a multitude of different parameters focusing on invoices, cash, dilutions, and many more aspects of a customer’s sales ledger profile. Too much data at once makes it hard to spot trends, and so Grids can be applied to clearly show the information that you need.
For a recap on how to set up Grids click here 
A list of the parameters and the recommended order of display

COVID-19 Portfolios

EQ Riskfactor can be set up to automatically add and remove clients to a Portfolio, depending on certain trends. These can then be used in conjunction with the COVID-19 Grid or any other Grid.

Barclays share their COVID-19 Portfolio

Stuart Saunders, Head of Sales Finance, Specialist Risk Unit, Barclays Corporate Banking, has kindly shared a new Portfolio which he uses to quickly identify which clients to monitor more closely during the outbreak.

The Portfolio is simple to set up and consists of 3 key criteria:

  • Cash movement <10%
  • Sales Movement >30%
  • Utilisation % (net) >85
Any clients that meet this criteria are showing a reduction in cash being received, alongside a large increase in sales. Furthermore, they are all borrowing over 85% of their availability and so are high risk in a potential collect out situation.
The causes of these 3 metrics deteriorating could be due to reasons beyond their control or as a result of deliberate manipulation of their invoice finance facility.

To discuss these Grids or to talk to our experts in more detail please contact our team

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