Bigger pension live longer

02 February 2015

Equiniti research shows that the larger your pension the longer you are likely to live

Equiniti, the UK’s largest pension scheme administrator, has undertaken longevity analysis on over 610,000 deceased pensioners. The findings show that the larger your pension the longer you are likely to live.

The analysis found that someone with a company pension of between £25 and £30k was statistically likely to live almost one and a half years longer than someone with a pension between £10-£15k.

The analysis was based solely on pensions paid by Equiniti; some of the pensioners may have other pension schemes, but the overall trend for people with pensions of between £10k and £30k – is the larger your income in retirement the longer you will live.


Annual Pension at Death (£)       Average Age at Death

10k-15k                                           78.80

15k-20k                                           79.62

20k-25k                                           79.76

25k-30k                                           80.21

Source: Equiniti, analysis of over 610,000 deceased pensioners

Mark Webster, Business Development at Equiniti Pension Solutions, says: “The link between wealth and longevity is well known. However, this analysis shows that income in retirement also has a part to play. While there is obviously a direct correlation between retirement income and lifetime earnings it is also reasonable to conclude that having a higher pension will for many increase their longevity.”