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easyJet selects Equiniti

03 January 2014

Equiniti has won a five year contract to manage share registration and employee share plans for easyJet.

Equiniti has won a five year contract with easyJet, the UKs’ largest airline employing over 8000 people, to be the sole provider for their share register and to administer its employee share plans. Equiniti is the UK’s leading provider of share registration, retail investor services and employee share plans.

Equiniti won the contract to administer the UK & International Sharesave, UK & International SIP, Jersey Trust, and Executive Share Plans from competitors Capita and Yorkshire Building Society. easyJet has been a client of Equiniti, for share registration since 2000.

Brian White, Managing Director of client relationships at Equiniti, commented: “easyJet is one of the UK’s best known brands. It recently entered the FTSE 100 and as a result, its popularity as a traded company will increase significantly. Behind every great service brand are its people, for whom a comprehensive employee benefits package is essential. That is why easyJet places a great deal of emphasis on its employee share plans.”

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