Equiniti Commits To 30% Club

29 January 2018

Growth through diversity: setting a target of 30% female representation on senior leadership teams.

Equiniti is delighted to announce that alongside many FTSE100 and FTSE250 leaders in the UK, CEO Guy Wakeley has pledged support to the 30% Club.

The 30% Club is an organisation which aims to improve gender diversity to strengthen business performance across the globe by setting a target of 30% female representation on senior leadership teams by the end of 2020.

Equiniti CEO, Guy Wakeley, said: “Equiniti has made considerable progress in the appointment of women to senior positions over the last four years, but there is more to do to increase diversity.  This is another important step towards narrowing the gender pay-gap, attracting new talent, and unleashing the extraordinary potential of our colleagues.”

A number of CEOs from Equiniti clients have also pledged their support including Moya Greene of Royal Mail, Mark Wilson of Aviva, Gavin Patterson of BT, Emma Walmsley of GSK and Jayne-Anne Gadhia at Virgin Money.  You can find out more about the organisation here.

Wakeley concluded: “Our commitment to the objectives of the 30% Club is a commitment to being the very best organisation we can be, and as well as being the right thing to do it makes great business sense.” 

The 30% Club's news release can be viewed here.


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