Equiniti Estate administration & bereavement service

30 April 2015

Full-scale estate administration service for families and representatives of deceased consumers

Equiniti, who specialise in providing finely-tuned technology, payment and administration services has launched a full-scale estate administration service for families and representatives of deceased consumers.  This is a natural extension to their service offering as they already receive around 1000 notifications of death per day.

The service is aimed at executors or representatives of the deceased who find that the complexity and time involved in dealing with the affairs of the deceased means that they would prefer to use a specialist provider but for a fixed price at outset.

The fixed price service, which is based on the complexity of unwinding an estate at death rather than its value, will be managed in conjunction with Kings Court Trust, one of the UK’s leading providers of estate administration services, and will ensure the entire process from the registration of death to the transfer of assets to beneficiaries is done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The service includes:

  • Multi-channel Pre-Bereavement (in-life) guidance and education;
  • Free bereavement support line with dedicated, specially trained staff;
  • Optional, fixed fee, part or full estate administration service;
  • Fixed fee is based on the estate’s complexity, not value;
  • End-to-end probate services:
    Free support line;
    Home visits from specialist consultants;
    Dedicated case manager;
    Access to range of tax, law and property specialists;
  • Online case-tracking;
  • Assistance with tax returns and production of full estate accounts.

Guy Brodie, Head of Bereavement Services at Equiniti, said: “The concept of charging for probate based on the value of an estate, and not its complexity, is fundamentally flawed. Most people’s biggest assets are tied up in property and, within reason, the administration is the same whether it’s valued at £100,000 or £1 million.

As we already interact with over 60% of deaths in the UK we can provide a better all-round solution as we will have already undertaken some of the essential administration necessary for the management of the probate.”

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