Equiniti hosts leading industry user group

31 May 2010

Equiniti's annual user group for Registration Services clients; Northumberland hotel and conference centre.

“With top class speakers, an outstanding venue, and great client feedback the 2010 user group was a real success.”

Earlier this month Equiniti hosted its annual user group for Registration Services clients; held at the prestigious, and recently renovated Northumberland hotel and conference centre in Trafalgar Square the setting lent itself to a high quality and impressive event.

Keeping in line with the quality of the venue there was also a top class agenda with the Equiniti Senior Team providing expert analysis in the form of Wayne Story, John Parker, Stuart Ellen, David Venus and Peter Swabey. There were also two high profile guest speakers to provide a view on the economic environment and outlook, and its impact on the plc in the form of Conservative MP Mark Hoban, and economist Professor Tim Congdon.

The session was an opportunity for Equiniti to provide an industry leading perspective on some of the issues facing company secretaries in 2010.

The event was a real success and CEO Wayne Story was delighted with how it went “The user group was a fantastic opportunity for us to continue to engage with clients and from speaking to people on the day I am delighted with how the event was received”.