Equiniti Pancredit Launches Broker Client

25 November 2015

Automated sourcing solution to improve paper-based loan applications process for large brokers

Equiniti Pancredit has today announced the launch of Broker Client, an automated secured loan sourcing solution for large brokers that promises to dramatically raise the efficiency of their operations.

Broker Client automates many of today’s manual underwriting processes, enabling financial advisers (FAs) at large brokerages and IFA networks to initiate greater numbers of secured loan applications than ever before. In just a few seconds, Broker Client also compares an applicant’s lending profile to their firm’s entire portfolio of available loans, something that, until now, has been practically impossible for brokers and FAs operating in large organisations to achieve.

The net result is a significant streamlining of the entire secured loan application process, from the initial client assessment to the final loan confirmation. The client is matched with the most appropriate and affordable product for their circumstances. The broker is able to demonstrate responsible lending while eliminating costly and time consuming paperwork, and the lender receives higher quality loan applications, which are far more likely to be confirmed a result.

Delivered as a cloud-based service, Broker Client enables brokers to filter client profiles and quickly identify cases where intervention is likely to be needed, enhancing their resource allocation decision making.

The system also produces a set of notes against each lender rejection maintaining a clear and auditable application trail automatically.

Graham Donald, Managing Director of Equiniti Pancredit comments: “Broker Client helps everyone in the secured loan market make the best possible decisions. Our system enables secured loan brokers to validate the creditworthiness of their clients and match them with the best available products almost instantaneously.”

The product, acting as a filtering tool, begins with an identity check, or ‘pre-search’ based on the broker’s predefined criteria. Then, based on the results, it performs a more thorough public search, sourcing the applicant’s credit history, for example, County Court Judgements (CCJs), or any existing debt and claims of bankruptcy. During the final stage, Broker Client uses this profile to determine which secured loan products the applicant will qualify for, according to specific criteria of each product and lender.

“With this technology the entire underwriting process can take place in a matter of minutes, instead of hours, or even days,” adds Graham. “Automating the application process for ‘black and white’ cases will free up underwriters’ time to focus their efforts on less straightforward applications.”

Underpinning the technology is Equiniti Pancredit’s MADE software. MADE is a multi-agency decision engine which sources data from Equifax, Callcredit and Experian and combines this with records from the Core Pancredit database to provide an intelligent decision making system.

Equiniti Pancredit, part of the Equiniti Group, is a provider of intelligent software solutions for banks, lenders, intermediaries and price comparison sites and offers a full end-to-end loan book management solution, from origination to collection. Its software helps organisations champion responsible lending, raise organisational efficiency, cut costs and enhance the service experience of end-users.


For further information please contact Natasha Rogerson at iseepr natasha@iseepr.co.uk, 01943 468007

About Equiniti Pancredit 
Equiniti Pancredit, part of the Equiniti Group, is a leading provider of loan application, administration and collection systems and intelligent credit sourcing solutions for banks, lenders, intermediaries and price comparison sites. Its solutions help organisations champion responsible lending, raise organisational efficiency, cut costs and enhance the service experience of end-users.

Equiniti Pancredit’s solutions enable extensive automation of business processes and are capable of supporting clients with millions of accounts. The sophisticated decisioning capabilities assist lenders in achieving the optimum balance between credit risk management and maximisation of new business opportunities.

Equiniti Pancredit has been re-certified against information security ISO 27001:2013 and the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008.  Equiniti Pancredit has also achieved F.A.S.T. Platinum Level 7 Asset Management status.

For further information please visit www.pancredit.com

About Equiniti 
Equiniti is a business process services provider supporting approximately 1,600 of the UK’s businesses and public sector institutions, including around half of the FTSE 100. Our core capabilities are centred on complex administration and payment solutions including money transmission, administration and customer interactions. This means we pay pensions, share dividends, salaries and perform administrative functions that involve regulation and high volumes of data.

We are the leading provider of shareholder services in the United Kingdom based on revenues and the number of underlying shareholder and employee records administered, providing services to more than 1,000 corporate clients and 17 million shareholders. We are the second largest provider of pension administration and software services in the United Kingdom and look after approximately 3 million pension scheme members. Our longest standing client relationship is 177 years.