Individual Investors Chart

Individual Investors’ ownership of UK quoted companies rises

16 January 2014

Private shareholders own as much as pension and insurance companies combined

Private shareholders own as much as pension and insurance companies combined.

Private shareholders also own more non FTSE 100 stocks.

UK individuals now own just under 11% of the total UK quoted company shares making them the largest domestic investor according to Equiniti, the UK’s largest share registrar. Private investors also owned a far higher percentage of non FTSE 100 quoted shares than any other investors with over 28% held outside the FTSE 100.

However, over the last two decades the total percentage ownership of shares held by individuals has fallen in overall terms as ownership of UK quoted shares has moved to investors outside of the UK.

The analysis, undertaken by the ONS with contributions by Equiniti, highlights:

Paul Matthews, managing director, Equiniti said: “The analysis of share ownership highlights the importance of individual shareholding in UK quoted stocks, which has stabilised and picked up slightly over the past two years, after declining since the mid 90’s.  However, there are important issues that sit below the headline data. For example, the increasing use of unit trusts by individuals over time, as a way to access a portfolio of companies through one investment, is one contributory factor to the decrease in individuals' direct holdings.”