Latest analysis reveals overwhelming levels of satisfaction with doctors

05 February 2015

Analysis from Equiniti 360 Clinical reveals that over 98% of people are happy with their doctors

The vast majority of patients are happy with the care they receive from their doctors, according to analysis by one of the UK’s largest providers of medical revalidation, Equiniti 360 Clinical, with over 98% saying they are satisfied with the overall experience provided.

Every five years, all doctors are required by law to complete a 360 appraisal process which includes feedback from their patients. Introduced in 2012, the revalidation process assures the General Medical Council (GMC) that all doctors are up to date and fit to practice.

Equiniti 360 Clinical analysed the feedback from over 50,000 patients across the UK;

  • 98.83% were satisfied with the overall experience their doctor provided
  • 99.35% said they have confidence in their doctor
  • 96.94% thought they were involved as much as they wanted to be in the decisions about their care and treatment
  • 95.53% felt that by the end of the consultation they were better able to understand and or manage their condition and care
  • 99.81% thought their doctor was polite and considerate
  • 99.58% thought their doctor listened to what the patient had to say
  • 99.11% said the doctor explained things in the way the patient understood
  • 98.99% said the doctor gave enough opportunity for the patient to answer questions
  • 97.91% said the doctor answered all the questions posed
  • 97.50% thought the doctor respected their views.


Equiniti 360 Clinical Founder, Jo Parker-Swift, comments: “People across the UK are hugely positive about their relationships with their doctors. These high satisfaction ratings of confidence of the patient-doctor relationship, speaks highly around the level of professionalism of doctors as a whole. These levels are central to the delivery of high quality healthcare and boosting the nation’s well-being whether within private practices or the NHS.”

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