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Member engagement to be transformed by new technology

02 October 2014

Pensions scheme member engagement to be transformed by launch of a new dedicated App and responsive website

Equiniti’s Pension Solutions division, which looks after 7.3 million of the UK’s pension scheme members, has launched Compendia Self-Service and Compendia Mobile.

Compendia Self-Service is a new responsive self-service website, with an enhanced interactive feature set that will keep scheme members engaged, informed and empowered. Equiniti’s communication strategy is to provide a seamless and consistent user experience across all intelligent devices including smart phones, tablets and desktops, enabling members to make important decisions, about their retirement planning. 

Compendia Self-Service enables Active, Deferred and Pensioner members of DB, DC, Career Average Revalued Earning (CARE) and hybrid schemes to access and manage their pensions online via any connected device.

The Compendia Mobile App, for iPhone, offers the same self-service functionality but with an enriched user experience that smartphone users would expect from a dedicated App. Using Push Notifications also allows us to deliver timely information that is front and centre to our client’s registered App users. Google Android and Windows Phone Apps are planned for early next year.

Both tools allow users to view the current value of retirement benefits, model benefits at various retirement ages to see the impact of increasing (or decreasing where allowed) contributions, tracking of investments and switching funds.

Self-service means higher data quality and, ultimately a lower cost to service each member. In addition, there are a number of features that work in the background, such as automated calculations and workflows, full reporting and integrated payroll.

Jason Hayes, Product Management Director at Equiniti Pension Solutions, Comments: “A fully responsive Self-Service website and Mobile App will transform the way members and pensioners engage with their pension. People’s expectations have moved on significantly since the emergence of the ‘App’ and now there is an expectation to immediately access and manage your personal situation - online banking, investments, seeing the value of your house, or booking a holiday. Given that for most people their pension is their second largest asset. We understand how important it is for people to take full ownership of it, hence the launch of this latest version of Compendia.”

Suzie Rudzitis, Managing Director at Equiniti Pension Solutions comments: “This is an important strategic milestone for Equiniti, setting new levels of member engagement and further positions us as a smart technology leader in the industry.”

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