Over 400 doctors complete revalidation on their phone or tablet

07 January 2014

More than 4,000 expected to use mobile technology

Equiniti 360° Clinical reports that, in the first year of revalidation, 1.7% of doctors (approx 400) are using their mobile phone or tablet to access Equiniti’s Revalidation Management System (RMS) and the Revalidation Portfolio which they provide for a Cohort of Medical Royal Colleges. This has increased from 1% in January 2013. More than 4,000 doctors in total are expected to use mobile technology to support them through revalidation.

So far, Equiniti’s revalidation software has recorded over 3 million page views by 12,822 users (10,497 doctors) and supported 3,471 completed appraisals, with 742 still in progress. The system has been accessed from 70 countries and by doctors in 347 out of 757 Designated Bodies. 82% of NHS Designated Bodies have users on the system.

Jo Parker-Swift, chief executive, Equiniti 360° Clinical, commented: “Doctors’ revalidation has proved to be much easier than some people had feared. While the figure for doctors completing some, or all of the revalidation from their mobile phone or tablet is small, it does highlight two issues. The first is the fact that the process is simple, and the second is that doctors are using the most convenient technology to complete the task."