Pancredit Rebrands and Launches New Loan Book Management Solution with Equiniti

30 April 2015

Corporate rebrand designed to embody the identity of its parent company, Equiniti

30 April 2015 - Following its acquisition in March 2014, Pancredit, a specialist lending software provider, today announces a corporate rebrand designed to embody the identity of its parent company Equiniti, a leading provider of technology, administration and payment services. To accompany its rebrand to ‘Equiniti Pancredit’, the firm also announces the launch of a new outsourced loan book management service; the first in a range of Equiniti Pancredit service lines, which will be supported by Core Pancredit, the firm’s flagship loan application, administration and collection system and delivered as part of Equiniti’s newly established Intelligent Solutions division.

New Loan Book Management Solution
The outsourced loan book management service for banks and financial institutions extends the hosted model for Core Pancredit to offer a full BPO solution. The new solution will provide a full service, cost-effective offering covering all aspects of loan book management, including applications processing, servicing, collections, end agreement, nominal ledger, cash and banking, as a single, outsourced managed service.

“Our partnership with Equiniti allows us to create new opportunities for our customers to reduce their operating overheads and increase efficiency,” comments Graham Donald, Managing Director at Equiniti Pancredit. “As an experienced technology, administration and payment services provider, Equiniti has the specialist and experienced personnel required to completely manage a lender’s loan portfolio via our system, Core Pancredit, including answering customer enquiries and managing the collection of loan repayments.

“Aligning our brand closely with Equiniti will enable us to take advantage of the opportunities available to extend and expand our market offering and deliver a range of additional new services, which we look forward to bringing to market over the next 12 months.”

Intelligent Solutions division
The loan book management service sits within Equiniti’s newly launched Intelligent Solutions division, of which Equiniti Pancredit is a part. Alongside Equiniti Pancredit, Intelligent Solutions.

comprises the following Equiniti group companies: Equiniti Hazell Carr, Invigia, Equiniti 360° Clinical and Equiniti Data Services. Together, the individual offerings of each company can be blended to deliver uniquely scalable products, off-the-shelf platforms, experienced people and innovative intellectual property.

Matthew Porter, Managing Director of Equiniti Intelligent Solutions, adds: “Our new Intelligent Solutions division aims to combine the best platforms with the best people and the best processes. It will deliver optimal solutions for highly regulated organisations such as banks, financial institutions, as well as large scale corporations and public sector bodies.  Equiniti leads the field in understanding the business challenges our clients face, what the key issues are and how they can be resolved. With Equiniti Intelligent Solutions, we can offer end-to-end solutions that meet their specific needs, all under one brand. We have a unique opportunity to offer something different and compelling to meet changing industry requirements.  Equiniti Pancredit will be key in helping us to break into new markets.

“Intelligent Solutions has been designed as the business process and data solutions arm of Equiniti. By 2016, our focus will move from individual brands to integrated, capability-based divisions, which will encompass loan administration, complaints and rectification, case management, HR/people and data services solutions.”

Equiniti Pancredit, formerly Pancredit, has over 25 years’ of systems development experience in the UK lending marketplace. Its solutions are in use with a wide range of financial services clients, including banks, financial institutions, brokers, price comparison sites and unsecured lenders in consumer, automotive, retail and education. Core Pancredit allows customers to undertake all elements of loan application and processing on a single platform as well as easily enabling integration with each customer’s systems and processes. It also links with various external third parties to source data that will support identification and verification checks, risk assessment and underwriting.

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