Share schemes promote employee loyalty

02 October 2015

Workers would change their current attitude to their employer if part of an employee share scheme

Latest research from Equiniti reveals 50% of workers would change their current attitude to their employer if they were part of an employee share scheme. Specifically, of those employees with an improved attitude, 46% said it would increase their interest in the business, 32% said they would support future business growth and 30% would be more loyal*.

The nationwide research, of over 1000 employees commissioned by Equiniti Employee Services** reported that 31% had changed job in the last 5 years meaning that employers  need increasingly to be focused on retaining staff, particularly where they may face fiduciary constraints that hinder other forms of staff retention.

The survey also asked full time workers what would swing their decision to stay or take a new job.*** A share option scheme (15%) came ahead of child care options (12%), commuter programme (10%), access to financial advice (7%) and charity/volunteer schemes (4%).

Interestingly, share schemes had the biggest influence amongst the younger workforce - 72% of 18-24s said they would change their attitude if they had a share scheme at work, and of that 72%:

  • 58% reported that they would look for opportunities to grow the business;
  • 56% would take a greater personal interest in how the business was run;
  • 33% would take their career progression more seriously; and
  • 25% would both be more loyal and prepared to work longer hours.


Phil Ainsley, Managing Director of Employee Services at Equiniti, commented: “At a time when the country is moving tentatively back into growth, with many business leaders conscious of the scarcity of skilled labour as a major challenge to their growth(****) and productivity, it is important to retain the best people and attract talent. It is now less likely that a decent salary or a company car is enough to encourage productivity and loyalty.

Our research suggests that employees are increasingly looking for a long-term financial plan and a sense of involvement in the business. Share schemes are currently under utilised across all industry sectors, but they can have a hugely positive effect on the way employees view their employers and how involved they are with the company and its future. This can only be good for corporate growth and individuals alike.”

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Notes to the editor

The top five positive impacts of a share scheme that were reported were as follows:

1. Greater interest in the business (46%) 
2. Look for opportunities to grow the business (32) 
3. Be more loyal (30%) 
4. Speak well of the firm outside of work (26%) 
5. Progression and career path more seriously (22%) 
5. More productive at work (22%)


** In the first quarter of 2015, Equiniti ran a research project on Employee Services which surveyed a total of 1,189 (606 male and 584 female) employees from across the full spectrum of UK industry sectors. The purpose of this survey was to gain insight into the financial behaviours and needs of the UK workforce, and to assess the impact that the introduction of an employee share scheme could have on a company’s workforce.

In the UK just 10,000 companies have employee share schemes, whereas there are over 88,000 companies in the UK that employ over 50 staff. Not all have structures that allow the introduction of share plans but many thousands do, and they are missing out.


*** Top 10 items in an employee’s shopping basket:

1. Flexible working hours – 58% 
2. Personal development – 29% 
3. Having flexible benefits package – 27% 
4. Private health insurance – 26% 
5. Discount on company products – 18% 
6. Share option scheme – 15% 
7. Child care options – 12% 
8. Commuter programme – 10% 
9. Access to financial advice – 7% 
10. Charity/ volunteer schemes – 4% 




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