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Our Customer Insight Programme

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Over the past two years we’ve implemented a Customer Insight programme to measure your satisfaction with our performance and hear your feedback so we ensure we maintain the high standards of excellence you expect.

Client surveys

One important way for us to capture your satisfaction level is to ask for your feedback via a survey.

The survey uses the Net Promoter Scoring system which allows us to benchmark ourselves against our previous performances. It is based on the following scoring system:

9 - 10  - You are happy with our service

7 - 8  - You believe there are a number of areas for us to improve

0 - 6 - You are not satisfied with our service

The NPS is calculated by the subtraction of the percentage of clients who scored 0 – 6 (Detractor) from the percentage of clients who score 9 – 10 (Promoters).

Research has shown that some respondents believe 7 or 8 to be good scores as they are near the top end of the scale and are attached to very positive feedback. However these are excluded from the Net Promoter Score as the respondent is neither happy nor unhappy.

We always want all our clients to be happy with our service and feel comfortable to score us accordingly.  If you feel our service is not a 9 or a 10, please discuss this with your Relationship Manager and let us know what we can do to improve.

Net Promoter score calculation

Customer Insight Programme NPS calculation.png

If we receive 94 respondents made up of the following results:

  • 52 scored as 9-10 (Promoters) = 52 x 100 / by 94 = 55%
  • 31 scored as 7-8 (Passive) = 31 x 100 / by 94 = 33%
  • 11 scored as 0-6 (Detractors) = 11 x 100 / by 94 = 12%
  • Then the 12% from our Detractors is subtracted from the 55% of Promoters to get the net score = 43
  • 55% - 12% = 43
  • Note:  33% from Passive respondents have been removed from the calculation and therefore their opinion is not included.

Action plans

We are continuously making improvements to our services and have comprehensive action plans that we are working through.

In the coming months, we’ll be updating you about the developments we’ve made over the last year to address your valuable feedback and our plans for the near future that will make a real difference to you.

Find out about some of the improvements here.