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Equiniti is well versed in the need for telecoms and media firms to deliver exceptional customer service, provide value for money and stay ahead of the competition in a market that has seen extraordinary change in recent years.

Customer demand is ever-changing, and providers are under constant pressure to develop new products and improve on their existing offerings whilst keeping prices low.

We support some of the UK’s largest telecoms providers, transforming their business processes in the background whilst they get on with core business activities.

Equiniti is a proven expert in helping telecoms firms to do more for less, maximise staff engagement, and look after their investments.

Equiniti is becoming renowned for its 'firsts':

  • First for use of augments reality in a clients employee scheme
  • First Electronic AGM
Augmented Reality 800

Augmented Reality

We are using augmented reality to help companies boost employee engagement, reach a wider audience and give their messages the ‘wow factor’.

Case Study: DS Smith and Equiniti

Jimmy Choo Remote AGM 800

First Electronic AGM

Jimmy Choo, the British luxury brand specialising in shoes and accessories, takes a step into the future supported by Equiniti.

Case Study: Jimmy Choo and Equiniti


Introducing Equiniti Creative

Where insight leads to creative freedom and engaged employees... Equiniti has its own team of creative whose focus is compelling communications for employees, customer and business-to-business. 

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RegTech 800

RegTech in an Increasingly Digital World

We work as trusted partners to our clients helping them to serve both consumer and commercial customers and specialise in the areas of Know Your Customer, end-to-end digital onboarding, complaints, loans, risk management and fraud analytics.

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European Flag 800

EQ Views

We are thought leaders and actively contribute to industry debate.

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