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Share Registration

Our priority is to fully understand our clients' needs and to develop a holistic view of their share register, so we can manage it in the most effective way.

We provide our clients with experts who look to innovate, increase efficiencies and improve compliance.

We are dedicated to delivering first class management across all of our registration services including:

All our services are underpinned by our in-house share registration administration software, Sirius.

Corporate Sponsored Nominee (CSN)

A CSN offers many benefits for companies and their shareholders. Holding investors' shares together in a nominee company removes investors' names from the share register, providing extra security. A CSN also allows more flexibility in applying shareholders' rights and reduces the cost of shareholder communications. In addition, switching to a CSN now will minimise the impact of dematerialisation in the future.

Shareholder Programmes

We help our clients to minimise shareholder-related costs or make targeted offers to selected shareholders. We provide share dealing facilities and structured, targeted campaigns. These have effectively reduced the numbers of shareholders with uneconomic holdings.

Asset Reunification

Equiniti delivers tailored programmes, which are designed to reduce the number of "gone away" investors on our clients' share registers, return unclaimed monies and help to repatriate entitlements after corporate actions.

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