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General Meeting Management

Equiniti has extensive experience in dealing with every type of corporate meeting.

We have managed these events for over 35 years, and are currently appointed to manage and oversee over 400 meetings each year. Our proven expertise and the delivery of the highest level of service gives our clients the peace of mind that the administration of the meeting will be managed smoothly. 

Regardless of the level of complexity, attendance or media attention, we provide a team that will help manage the entire process from planning through to completion of the meeting. As registrars we can provide assistance with everything from the Chairman's scripts to specialist voting analysis. In addition, we are uniquely placed to advise on shareholder mailings, venue selection, proxy voting, shareholder attendance, polls and can also give any practical guidance required.


Sharevote is a secure, user-friendly web-based platform which complements paper based proxy card voting and enables shareholders to make electronic appointments. This benefits the shareholder by making the process more efficient and benefits our clients by providing the right tools to support good corporate governance and increasing shareholder engagement.


Our VoteNow technology service is a fast, accurate and personalised solution to poll votes and provides a comprehensive automated registration process linking meeting attendees with their voting rights. The service uses electronic voting handsets to record the votes, weighting each one according to the number of shares held and can instantly display resolution results. 

VoteNow’s Automated Data Capture and computerised checks enable enquiries to be answered quickly and completely. It also provides a full electronic audit trail of attendance and voting.

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