Proxy Solicitation & Stewardship

A leader in maximising shareholder relationships, Boudicca works to secure voting and participation in shareholder meetings and corporate transactions.

The corporate landscape is evolving. With growing regulatory change, the impact of Brexit and corporate governance changes, companies need to take a more considered approach to shareholder engagement. 

Boudicca offers proxy solicitation to rally shareholder support at AGMs, other general meetings and M&A activity, responds confidently to activism, tighter regulations and stricter corporate governance requirements.

What is proxy solicitation and how can it help? 

Proxy solicitation is an important facet of good shareholder engagement and stewardship. Its aim is to maximise communication with shareholders in order to secure favourable voting outcomes in shareholder meetings and corporate transactions. This is achieved by identifying, analysing and mobilising the shareholder base – and maximising participation and support through carefully crafted communication and engagement with decision makers and influencers across all investor bases. This can enable your company to: 

  • Communicate more effectively with shareholders to maximise support
  • Prepare for critical events in the financial calendar
  • Understand the views and policies of investors ahead of internal policy decisions and shareholder meetings
  • Mitigate the risk of uncertain or late voting outcomes
  • Reduce the risk of management resolutions failing
  • Respond confidently to shareholder activism, regulations and stricter corporate governance requirements.

Why choose our proxy solicitation services? 

Together, we offer: 

  • Confidence to achieve favourable outcomes – even in challenging and contentious situations
  • Rapport with key decision makers – we know exactly who to speak to, how and when
  • Insight into the complex network of share ownership – we act as your eyes and ears
  • Intelligence in investor relations and intimate knowledge of corporate governance
  • Foresight of contentious issues through awareness of market trends, stakeholder sentiment and potential risk factors. 

About Boudicca

Boudicca is part of the Equiniti group of companies and is a specialist shareholder engagement company.

A leader in the growing arena of investor communications, and based in London, Boudicca works to secure maximised proxy voting and participation in shareholder meetings and corporate transactions. Boudicca has worked on 300 AGMs, EGMs and M&A transactions for clients in the UK, Europe, North America and crossborder since inception ‐ including some of the most complex proxy voting cases and corporate transactions ‐ and delivers a high rate of success.

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