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When it comes to completing capital tasks, a great performance demands great players

Equiniti's Corporate Action team has managed some of the largest and most complex corporate events and IPOs in UK history. Equiniti's track record includes the merging of RDS and BG, settling over £35 billion in cash and shares and processing over 100,000 mix and match election and CSN forms, to the flotation of Royal Mail, creating a new FTSE 100 share register with over 400,000 shareholders.

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In December Equiniti will be releasing an IPO Review, looking over the listings of 2018 and providing outlooks for 2019.

This in-depth white paper paper will cover:

AIM and Main Market listings
2017 comparisons
Sector analysis
Outlooks for 2019

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No one can whistle a symphony, it takes an orchestra to play it. That’s why we bring together individual corporate action experts to create a team with the expertise to successfully complete even the most complex capital tasks.

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