EQ Bereavement Services For Regulated Organisations
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Bereavement Services

At times of bereavement, it is more important than ever that customer service is of the highest standard.

Equiniti Benefactor are a specialised team of experts who provide account closure, estate administration and end of life support services to a range of regulated, corporate clients.

On an average day, Equiniti receives approximately 1,000 notifications of death across the business (more than 55% of the total number of deaths in the UK each year). In around a third of all cases, the notification comes from the deceased's primary relative or next of kin.

We integrate into your services to become the dedicated point of contact for notifications of deaths across multiple channels. Once we have taken the notification of death, we use specifically designed data capture forms which allows us to collect all the information needed to update and/or close accounts.  What makes Benefactor unique is we are not simply carrying out a transaction, we provided a holistic service to ensure the customer has the best advice and support at all times, under one roof. 


Benefits to your organisation

  • The entire customer journey managed, from the notification of death right through to disbursement of estate 
  • A consistent approach across all customer channels
  • Reduced strain and complexity on internal resource
  • Introduction to potential new clients 
  • Choice of partnership options 

Benefits to your customer

  • Easy to understand advice 
  • One-to-one guidance from a legal specialist 
  • Regular updates from a dedicated Case Manager
  • Support from a fully regulated and authorised legal services company
  • Experienced Probate, Legal and Tax experts under one roof
  • A fixed price quote 


If you’d like to find out more about Equiniti Benefactor for organisations, please complete this form and we will get in touch.

If you are an individual hoping to use our EQ Benefactor service directly, you can find out more in the Help section of our Shareview website.

If you need assistance with managing an estate, you can find out more in the Help section of our Shareview website.