Credit Servicing

Equiniti Credit Servicing is a complete outsourced credit management solution for secured and unsecured lenders.

Our outsource service blends specialist, experienced personnel with FCA compliant processes and industry best practices. The service is underpinned by our proprietary technology and supported by highly skilled new business teams. Loans applications are captured using multi-channel customer conversion strategies, delivering SLAs and implementing risk strategies, in-line with TCF policies.

Investment banks & private equity firms

When securitising loan books or loan portfolios, ensuring easy transfer of the asset’s servicing and operations can positively impact value to the market.

As an institutional investor, you need a partner capable of delivering the operational agility required to realise this value. Equiniti Credit Servicing answers this need. As a leading outsourcer of credit management services, we have the market specific knowledge to support your engagement in both traditional and new lending sectors, where require specialist, industry-specific expertise is required, like retail and motor finance.

Large banks and building societies

Equiniti Credit Servicing is designed to help large banks and building societies optimise their operations in today’s challenging market conditions.

Our outsourced loan portfolio management assumes the operational upkeep of your non-core products, enabling you to refocus internal resources on their core business.

We are widely experienced in handling large quantities of sensitive data in a closely regulated environment. Our auditable processes and technology platforms are transparent and open, ensuring you can be too.

New-start lenders & challenger banks

Equiniti’s Credit Servicing assists new start lenders and challenger banks by providing access to a range of service components (personnel, processes, technology platform) which are already live in the marketplace supporting regulated lenders. The FCA knows us and likes what we do.

We can give you access to ‘big lender’ resources, via an OPEX-based contract. Our operational support for your loan products allows you to remain focused on innovation, product development and business growth, not on the daily procedures required to maintain business that is already won.

Specialist lenders

We understand that your business rests on an ability to identify niche market requirements and deliver loan products that address them specifically. Time-to-market is crucial. Equiniti Credit Servicing enables specialist lenders not only to reduce time-to-market, but also time-to-revenue. By leveraging our ready-to-go blended managed service, new loan products can be launched and supported at scale in a fraction of the time commonly achievable, enabling you to see returns faster than ever before. We are also widely experienced in handling large quantities of sensitive data in a closely regulated environment. Our auditable processes and technology platforms are transparent and open, ensuring you can be too.

Standby Servicing

Our unique approach offers UK mortgage and consumer finance lenders a strong, reliable servicing with a clear contingency plan for invocation. With robust strategies, we ensure minimal portfolio disruption for a seamless recovery, and above all piece of mind for our clients.

The platform enables standby servicers to migrate the secured and unsecured loan portfolios of their clients, thus ensuring they remain available and accessible throughout their securitisation and subsequent trading between investors. The solution is based on our flagship loan application, administration and collections system which currently serves major UK banks and financial institutions. 

Our standby servicing platform is designed to enable the loan books of securitised portfolios to be fully administered  by a standby servicer in the event that the originating lender either ceases to trade, or does not meet the conditions of their standby servicing agreement. The standby servicing platform is already servicing the loan books of some of the world’s leading lenders, so is well suited to support securitised loan assets.

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