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Credit Sourcing

An automated loan sourcing solution delivering an unprecedented level of collaboration between borrowers and lenders.

Our sourcing solutions are designed to treat customers fairly, increase customer retention and generate new revenues by immediately identifying viable alternative loan options for newly declined applicants.

The intelligent automated process efficiently matches prime and non-conforming borrowers with a wide panel of UK lenders, servicing secured, unsecured, and guarantor loans, whilst providing an appropriate loan decision and lender selection in 45 seconds or less.

The solution dramatically reduces customer attrition at the ‘point of decline’ by enabling brokers, together with secured and unsecured lenders, to immediately refocus their customer on alternative loan products, safe in the knowledge that automated affordability and eligibility checks have already been performed.

The solution enables lenders to generate revenue by turning declines into new business opportunities. It turns customer disappointment into delight and helps lenders maintain a constructive, responsible and forward looking dialogue throughout the declines process. This protects the exclusivity of the customer relationship and paves the way for a successful follow up conversion.

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