Standby Servicing

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EQ Credit Services' Standby Servicing solution is one of the UK’s fastest growing Standby Servicing providers.

Our unique technology first approach ensures a secure, swift and safe return of investor funds with little to no disruption to consumers.

Dedicated team to provide on hand support throughout the entire relationship

Unmatched levels of investor protection and security.

Hot Standby timeline - our clients are typically up and running within 30 days.

Standby Servicer across a range of sectors and portfolios.

Secured Standby

Highly skilled staff in the 1st & 2nd charge market providing expert standby solutions to protect investor funding.

Unsecured Standby

Experienced unsecured standby portfolio bringing extensive regulatory and servicing knowledge for your Standby Solution.

Specialist Standby

Proven ability to provide sound Standby Servicing solutions across an array of specialist lending platforms.

Government-Backed Standby

Dedicated consultant providing Standby Servicing on the CBILS, BBLS & RLS products ensuring protection of investor funds across a range of asset classes


Protect Your Investment

When considering an investment, risk mitigation is key. Having a partner you can trust to step in at the right time brings peace of mind to our clients. EQ Credit Services’ Standby Servicing enables the loan books of both securitised and non-securitised credit portfolios to continue to be fully administered should the originating lender cease to trade, withdraw from the market or fail to meet the conditions of their funding agreement.

Unsecured Loans

Retail finance

Motor finance




Acting as standby servicer across a range of sectors and portfolios from simple funding lines for unsecured personal loan books to complex publically traded asset-backed securitisations for a number of different funders, has afforded us a keen understanding and depth of experience in the industry. By putting in place the most appropriate solution for the circumstances, we ensure that the portfolio is managed to maximum effectiveness.

Talk To One Of Our Experts Today

Talk to one of our experts today to learn how our Standby Servicing can help protect your investments.


Connect With Our Experts

Stacey Chambers

Stacey Chambers
Business Consultant

Stacey is focused on partnering with our clients to enable their growth and stability. She has a background in training and business services and is comfortable working with a wide variety of stakeholders.


Owain Chambers

Owain Chambers
Product Owner

Owain leads the Standby Servicing Team at EQ Credit Services and has developed it into one of the largest providers in the UK of back-up servicing solutions for the wholesale, securities and capital markets industry.


Sarah Heron

Sarah Heron
Business Consultant

As a consultant Sarah is focused on supporting customers and managing their due diligence sessions to ensure they are fully compliant, and that their funding lines are completely secured by our first-class standby service.


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