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Cyber Security

Take a Zero tolerance to cyber crime.

Email remains the primary way for cyber criminals to infiltrate an organisation. Zero, our cyber security platform, is a real-time, data-driven cyber threat detection system. It enables brands to protect themselves from illegitimate or malicious emails sent by scammers from their domains.

The Zero enterprise platform takes an innovative approach to identifying targeted email attacks and works with your current cloud or on-premise email solutions. Zero flags illegitimate and misconfigured senders using compromised domains and allow businesses to prevent any phishing or malware emails from ever being delivered, whilst giving them forensic reporting to enable them to swiftly take down malicious websites.

  • ZERO stops fraudulent messages from reaching the Inbox of your customers and your potential customers.
  • ZERO removes the guess-work, protecting your brand and customers.
  • ZERO stops cyber criminals in their tracks.

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