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One Source, Endless Opportunities

Our focus is on people and the data properties that describe them. Providing an agnostic approach to data validation and verification, we build connections for businesses to be able to access a variety of data sources seamlessly and in real time. ​

A trusted, strategic partner for customer data solutions, incorporating data hygiene, validation, management and analysis.​

Understand Your Customers​

Discover our classification of the entire UK population and how our solutions help you turn insight in to action.

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Customer Data Validation​

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EQ Cognition​

Our centralised API, designed to enable access to global data sources and accelerate your enterprise operations.​

  • Select any data source for any purpose from many sources ​
  • Define bespoke processes and publish to an end point ​
  • Speed up the process of getting data validated for your business ​

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Know your employees

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Background checking that’s efficient, transparent and fair for all, making candidate screening a great experience for everyone involved.​

  • No fuss, for faster onboarding​
  • Checks completed within minutes ​
  • Background checks across the globe ​
  • Algorithmic checks for ID documents ​
  • A streamlined simplified interface ​

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Data Insights In Numbers

Data insights based upon 99% coverage of the UK with 50 million consumers and 26 million households.​

Access to 200 data providers, 15,000 end points and 1.2 million data variables​.

1 billion+ data points from 7 categories, 48 segments and 1.7million postcodes, 100% anonymised​.

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