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EQ CheckSafe is designed with the user in mind. It ensures the hiring company has the confidence, clarity and compliance required, and provides the candidate with the visibility and responsiveness they need during the vetting process. 


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Key Features

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  • Transparency: Users are able to see exactly what is happening throughout the employee screening process at any given time.
  • Candidate Portal: Allows candidates to interact and submit information at the right part of the process via a secure and controlled channel. No need to email outside of the platform, simply assign tasks to candidates and they can complete whatever information is needed in a secure portal. This reduces the risk of data loss.
  • Usability: Our platform is like no other in the marketplace, it has been developed with the user at the forefront of the design. It has package management capabilities and a white-labelling functionality for the candidate flow.
  • Compliant: Designed by experts in regulation and compliance, we will only collect data required to do the necessary checks.
  • API: You can integrate with CheckSafe using our published API.

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What Makes Us Different

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  • Flexible package management feature
  • Designed to keep all data in one place
  • Full audit trail visibility
  • All communication handled within the EQ CheckSafe platform
  • International checks available
  • DBS & enhanced DBS checks available
  • Directorships checks available
  • Driver’s license checks available

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EQ CheckSafe takes away the complexity from the background screening process to ensure a simpler, transparent user experience unlike any other

92 %

of checks that have been processed by EQ CheckSafe have returned results in under 2 days

“At Eploy our mission is to provide the perfect journey for everyone involved in the recruitment process. That’s why we are delighted to partner with EQ CheckSafe, now customers and candidates can benefit from frictionless background checking, fully integrated with Eploy’s class-leading Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment CRM.

We have a close working relationship between our respective technical and commercial teams that ensures customers can rely on best-of-breed solutions, integrated seamlessly through our APIs.” ​

Chris Bogh, CTO – Eploy ​

Discover how EQ CheckSafe can deliver a happier hiring experience for all of your employee background checks

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