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EQ Cogniton is our centralised API, providing you with access to global data sources to speed up and improve the accuracy of your customer data collection and payment processes.

The Benefits of EQ Cognition

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How your businesses can benefit from using EQ Cognition:

  • Reduces fake sign-ups
  • Saves on unnecessary costs
  • Keeps your business GDPR compliant​
  • Reduces errors in data entry
  • Keeps you connected with your customers
  • Keeps customer data up to date and compliant
  • Mitigates risk of fraud impersonation
  • Ensures engagement through your customer journey
  • Promotes successful marketing campaigns and improves overall ROI

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The Solution

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We build connections for businesses to enable them to access a vast array of global data sources seamlessly and in real time.

  • Real time data validation, verification and enhancement to improve customer experience and reduce churn
  • An enterprise solution that seamlessly integrates with your data ecosystem, reducing operational overheads
  • One source with endless data opportunities to provide flexibility that supports business results and objectives

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One Unified View of Your Customer Data, One Great Experience

44 m

Data records validated for our clients in the last year

5 .7m

Invalid data records prevented from entering our clients' CRMs over the last year

3 .9bn

Email addresses that can be validated globally and continually growing

7 .9bn

Mobile numbers that can be validated globally and continually growing

Understand how EQ Cognition can deliver improved customer data to your business.

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UK Price Comparison Website

Our client collects vast amounts of consumer data through its digital channels to keep its customers up to date with the latest information relating to products, savings and renewals. This ensures its customers get the best service for their money.

By working with EQ, the client was able to overcome its challenges and use the data to optimise the performance of its campaigns. At the same time as maximising its opportunity to create meaningful engagements with the customer.

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One Source, Endless Opportunities

EQ Cognition provides an agnostic approach to data validation and verification. We build connections for businesses to be able to access a vast array of global data sources seamlessly and in real time.

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